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From Tomorrow X Together Wiki
General Info
Birth Name Choi Beomgyu (최범규)
Revealed On 21 January 2019
Birthday 13 March 2001
Height 180cm
Blood Type AB
Nicknames Bamgyu, Bbabang

Media Appearances

Magazines and Web Articles
Date Publication Title & Link 🎤 📸
211205 ar Magazine 【TOMORROW X TOGETHER】BEOMGYU(ボムギュ)、励みになったファンの言葉は?回答に愛を感じる… (BEOMGYU, what are the words of the fans who encouraged you? I feel love for the answer …) 🎤 📸
210825 Paper Magazine TXT’s Beomgyu Is Writing His Own Story 🎤 📸
210609 Weverse BEOMGYU: “I just want to be who I am, not defined by any role” 🎤 📸
201105 Weverse TOMORROW X TOGETHER BEOMGYU “Every performance has to be perfect” 🎤 📸

Special DJ Beomgyu @Day6's Kiss the Radio

On March 23 2021, Beomgyu was announced as a special co-host with Day 6's Young K for KBS' Kiss the Radio program. He will temporarily replace the original co-host, Jamie, for 3 weeks.

Date Title & Link
210324 Kiss Pops with BEOMGYU (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) full ver.
210330 Kiss Pops with BEOMGYU (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) full ver.
210406 Kiss Pops with BEOMGYU (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) full ver.