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From Tomorrow X Together Wiki
General Info
Birth Name Kai Kamal Huening (휴닝카이 for Hueningkai)
Revealed On 16 January 2019
Birthday 14 August 2002
Height 183cm
Blood Type A
Nicknames Hyuka, NingNing, Kai

Media Appearances

Magazines and Web Articles
Date Publication Title & Link 🎤 📸
211219 ar Magazine 【TOMORROW X TOGETHER】HUENINGKAI(ヒュニンカイ)、可愛いと思うメンバーのクセは?「かじりつきたくなります(笑)」 (HUENINGKAI, What are the quirks of the members that you think are cute? They make me want to bite into them (laughs)) 🎤 📸
211206 Weverse Magazine Taehyun and Hueningkai's 'Anime Chat' 🎤 -
210828 Paper Magazine TXT's Hueningkai Just Wants to Make You Happy 🎤 📸
210823 GQ Korea 휴닝카이 "저는 아직도 변함없이 데뷔곡이 참 좋아요" (HUENINGKAI "I still like our debut song")


🎤 📸
210611 Weverse HUENINGKAI: “I want to be a trustworthy person” 🎤 📸
201103 Weverse TOMORROW X TOGETHER HUENINGKAI “Let me tell you a bit more about myself” 🎤 📸