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Minisode1: Blue Hour

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minisode1: Blue Hour
Msbh album art.jpg
General Info
Release date 26 October 2020
Announce date 21 September 2020
Length 16:55
Producers Slow Rabbit, "Hitman" Bang (Executive producer)
Type EP
Previous release The Dream Chapter: Eternity
Next release The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE

minisode1: Blue Hour is the 3rd Korean mini album by TXT. The album contains was released on 26 October 2020.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) are releasing their third mini-album, “minisode1 : Blue Hour” on October 26.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER not only reaffirmed their skills and stunning visuals with their second mini album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, but also cemented themselves as the new icon of growth by continuously breaking their own records in both album and song sales.

They brought themselves to prominence by reaching new heights: they topped “Top Album” charts in 50 countries and regions around the world; and their song was selected as “2020’s Song of the Summer” by Radio Disney, one of America’s most prominent broadcasters. Now the five members are back as “the kings of innocence.” For their second year of debut in 2020, the members are making their way back into the hearts of fans all around the world with their new album brimming with stories only they can tell, armed with “innocence uniquely TOMORROW X TOGETHER” as the world faces the unique and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. [1]


  1. Ghosting 3:43
  2. Blue Hour 3:29
  3. We Lost The Summer 3:30
  4. Wishlist 3:11
  5. Way Home 3:02



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Weverse Comeback Interview

Concept Photos

For concept photos of individual members, see: Gallery


Music Show wins

  • 201103 The Show for Blue Hour


  • minisode1: Blue Hour debuted at #25 on Billboard 200 and spent 2 weeks on the chart.[2] This achievement disallows TXT from charting on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.
  • Entries on Billboard Top Current Albums Sales Year-end Chart 2021: The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE at #14, minisode1: Blue Hour at #74, and Still Dreaming at #176.