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The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY

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The Dream Chapter: Eternity
Tdce album art.jpg
General Info
Release date 18 May 2020
Announce date 28 April 2020
Length 22:07
Producers Slow Rabbit, "Hitman" Bang (Executive producer)
Type EP
Previous release The Dream Chapter: Magic
Next release Minisode1: Blue Hour

The Dream Chapter: Eternity' is the 2nd Korean EP by TXT. The album was released on 18 May 2020.

With ten “New Artist” awards already under its belt, TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release its second EP album on May 18.

“Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, following their debut album “Dream Chapter: STAR” and their first full-length album “Dream Chapter: MAGIC” tells the story of young boys’ experiences meeting friends who are different yet alike. While they struggle with reality and rifts sometimes appear among them, the narrative encapsulates their hope that their time together will last eternally.

There are six tracks in the album including the opening track “Drama”; title track “Can't You See Me?”; a remake of “Fairy of Shampoo”; first song written by the five members, “Maze in the Mirror”; “PUMA” with unique lyrics; and “Eternally” that exudes an experimental vibe.

Highlighting each members’ stunning visuals that will capture the hearts of listeners in their teens along with their skills in writing music and lyrics, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s new album is sure to further cement their status as one of today’s hottest group.[1]


  1. Drama 3:29
  2. Can't You See Me? 3:21
  3. Fairy of Shampoo 4:27
  4. Maze in the Mirror 3:46
  5. PUMA 3:25
  6. Eternally 3:37



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Concept Photos

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Music Show wins:

  • 200527 Show Champion for Can't You See Me?
  • 200526 The Show for Can't You See Me?


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