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One Dream.TXT

TXT's first-ever reality show that documented the behind-the-scenes of TXT's first showcase tour in the United States.

Talk x Today

TXT's reality shows where they give a sneak peek into their daily lives through a series of vlogs.

Season 1

Season 2

ZERO (pre-debut)

Season 3

Season 4


On 1 May 2021, all seasons of Talk X Today were live-streamed on TXT's official YouTube channel [1]. Special clips were played in-between the livestreams:


TXT's variety show in which they complete missions and games to collect grape stickers and get their wish granted by the staff. The show airs on Mondays at 9 PM KST on VLIVE, Weverse, and YouTube. Note: The titles listed here is not the official title of the episodes and has been added by us for easier recall of each episode's theme and/or contents.

Season 1 (January 2020 - April 2020)

Season 2 (June 2020 - August 2020)

Season 3 (November 2020 - May 2021)

Season 4 (June 2021 - July 2021)

Season 5 (November 2021 - ongoing)


A series of short clips of memorable moments of TXT. Most T:Time videos are uploaded with an official English sub. There are some videos that are not officially subbed yet, so the table below lists the fansubbed version.

Date Fansubbed Video
200523 'Can't You See Me?’ MV reaction
200505 TXT's Dance Game Competition
190926 YEONJUN hope to get closer the camera
190910 Find TAEHYUN 's Best photo zone
190908 Exciting YEONJUN at the brooklyn bridge!
190905 Who is the catchball king?
190903 Who is the winner of 'Umbrella game'?
190811 Happy snack time of YEONJUN and BEOMGYU
190809 How to Smile of SOOBIN
190806 TXT is so into the Mafia Games
190804 YEONJUN's Dance Time
190802 What makes selfie hard?
190731 Special Meeting with SOOBIN and Rabbit
190729 HUENINGKAI is a mood maker in the set
190727 YEONJUN is smiling at the children
190724 BEOMGYU and HUENINGKAI’s Dance Challenge practice
190723 Hot rookie of the first half @Music Bank
190720 Here's the men giving a big cheer for BTS
190718 BEOMGYU is Painting on Salt
190716 SOOBIN and TAEHYUN's 'Nap of a star’ Dance
190714 Let me introduce our Balloon Pet
190711 Fast forward Game
190708 Placement of TXT
190707 BEOMGYU back to childhood!?
190705 MAKNAEs play with a magnet
190703 Do you know a basketball genius SOOBIN?
190701 'Cat&Dog' dance teacher TAEHYUN!
190630 Beatbox Time
190628 Here's the only one TOMORROW X TOGETHER's pizza!
190626 Can go anywhere with YEONJUN!
190624 BEOMGYU to imitate SOOBIN
190623 TAEHYUN plays with the camera
190619 BEOMGYU's Mini piano concert!
190617 SOOBIN learns how to enjoy Americano
190614 Which one is YEONJUN’s coffee?
190613 BEOMGYU's rock-paper-scissors!
190611 SOOBIN’s Thank you for your efforts
190609 HUENINGKAI's the angel from the sky
190607 Here’s the Heart & Wink from YEONJUN
190603 TOMORROW X TOGETHER practicing jenga game!
190531 Black light ceremony!
190529 Welcome to reading club
190524 HUENINGKAI's break time
190523 YEONJUN plays with sleeping members
190521 YEONJUN's treat for members, Yummy ice cream!
190520 Secret nap!
190516 BEOMGYU's photo time!
190514 'Cat&Dog' Jacket shooting #5 SOOBIN
190513 'Cat&Dog' Jacket shooting #4 BEOMGYU
190510 'Cat&Dog' Jacket shooting #3 TAEHYUN
190505 'Cat&Dog' Jacket shooting #2 HUENINGKAI
190504 'Cat&Dog' Jacket shooting #1 YEONJUN
190502 Mailman SOOBIN
190430 'Cat & Dog' interview with puppies
190429 'Cat & Dog' MV reaction
190414 If I were you: How to decorate album sleeve
190411 HUENINGKAI, the soulful pianist
190410 MIRROR, MIRROR, Who is the fairest?
190409 SOOBIN's cute mistake
190408 If I were you: How to play bingo cards
190406 Here's BEOMGYU's heart bomb!
190404 What a fancy hand-magic by MAKNAEs!
190403 TAEHYUN's Self-Cam! Time to go to school!
190402 Rock-paper-scissors! The winner is..?!
190401 Runway time! Models showed up in the studio!
190331 Moments of BEOMGYU's Photo shooting!
190330 MAKNAEs' amazing magic show!
190329 Here's the big match! Leg wrestling
190327 SOOBIN ATTACK! Leader's hard time
190326 HUENINGKAI's cute talent!
190325 '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' MV reaction
190324 1st challenge of YEONJUN as a MC!
190323 Yummy drink bought by Maknae
190322 Waking up a sleeping boy ver.2
190320 Best English speaker, Who?
190319 ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’ Concept Photo Monitoring!
190318 Save the dolphin dolls!
190317 Follow only SOOBIN like a glue!
190314 Beomgyu's Surprise Birthday Party
190313 CROWN 1st Win! @THE SHOW
190313 ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ Reaction by TXT
190309 Cute trick on sleeping boy!
190308 Hide and Seek with HUENINGKAI!

TXT Episodes

A compilation of behind-the-scenes videos of MV, photoshoot, and other promotional activities.

Since 2021 BigHit have started adding English subtitles to episodes. The table below lists the fansubbed version for the unsubbed ones.

Date Title Kor Eng
201208 We Lost the Summer MV Shooting Sketch kor eng
201114 Blue Hour Uniform Phtoto Shooting Sketch kor eng
201028 Blue Hour MV Shooting Sketch kor eng
201027 MS1: Blue Hour Jacker Shooting Sketch kor eng
200927 teenVOGUE' Photo Shooting Sketch kor eng
200806 Soobin ‘Music Bank’ MC Debut Behind (with Hueningkai) kor eng
200605 Eternity Uniform Photo Shooting Sketch kor eng
200604 Puma MV Shooting Sketch - eng
200520 Cant You See Me MV Shooting Sketch kor eng
200519 TDC: Eternity Jacket Shooting Sketch - eng
200429 TDC: ETERNITY Concept Trailer Shooting Sketch kor eng
200421 @ Star1 photoshooting sketch kor eng
200419 TXT @ 29th SMA kor eng
200415 Dazed Photo Shooting Sketch kor eng
200324 TXT @ 2020 GDA kor -
200317 TXT @ 2019 MAMA kor -
200205 Behind the Scenes of Big Hit's Group Photo! - eng
200128 TXT @ 2019 MMA kor -
200107 TXT @ 2019 VLIVE AWARDS kor -
191023 Run Away MV Shooting Sketch kor -
191021 ‘꿈의 장: MAGIC’ Jacket shooting sketch kor eng
190816 TXT @ 2019 MGMA kor -
190616 STAR in US' behind story @ NewYork kor -
190517 W Korea' Photo Shooting Sketch kor eng
190430 ‘Cat & Dog’ MV Shooting Sketch kor eng
190422 ‘Cat & Dog’ Jacket shooting sketch kor eng
190412 DEBUT SHOWCASE : STAR' behind story kor eng
190316 Debut week behind Story kor eng
190306 Crown MV Shooting Sketch kor eng
190305 ‘꿈의 장: STAR’ Jacket shooting sketch kor eng

++ Line

A more in-depth behind-the-scene videos of TXT during their comeback and promotion period.

Date Title Kor Eng
190511 EP1. Debut Celebration Show #1 kor eng
190518 EP2. Debut Celebration Show #2 kor eng
190525 EP3. CROWN behind #1 kor eng
190601 EP4. CROWN behind #2 kor eng
190608 EP5. CROWN behind #3 kor -
190615 EP6. Cat & Dog behind #1 kor -
190622 EP7. Cat & Dog behind #2 kor -
200125 EP8. Welcome Back Show kor eng
200201 EP9. Run Away Behind #1 Ready for MOA kor eng
200207 EP10. Run Away Behind #2 Joyful coupling soon kor -
200215 EP11. Run Away Behind #3 Enjoy the stage kor -
200222 EP12. Run Away Behind #4 - See you soon, MOA! kor -
200704 Ep13. Comeback Show kor eng
200711 EP14. Can't You See Me? behind #1. Always with MOA kor eng
200718 EP15. Cant You See Me? behind #2. No Problem Today kor eng
200725 EP16. PUMA Behind #1. On a New Stage kor eng
200801 EP17. PUMA Behind #2 Eternally with Moa kor eng
210327 EP18. Blue Hour behind #1. Our Story - eng
210403 EP19. Blue Hour behind #2. My One and Only MOA - eng
210410 EP20. ‘Blue Hour’ behind #3. Always thank you, MOA! - eng
210724 EP21. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori - eng
210731 EP22. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori - eng
210807 EP23. 'Magic' behind : We love 'MOA' - eng
211016 EP24. 'LO$ER=LO♡ER' Behind #1 - eng
211023 EP25. 'LO$ER=LO♡ER' Behind #2 - eng

Mood Diaries

Mood Diaries are a series of playlists curated by TXT members.

Mood Diaries
Playlist Member
What is distracting you? Taehyun
Why aren't you sleeping yet? Hueningkai
What do you do when you're bored? Beomgyu
After a long day... Yeonjun
Have a lovely day today Soobin